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Let our family take care of your family.
1687 Longwood Dr., Orangeburg, SC 29118

Providing for You Every Step of the Way

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We understand that moving out of one’s home can be stressful and inconvenient. Thus, we strive to provide the comfort, privacy, and vivacity that patrons want in an assisted living center. We do this by providing a comfortable environment with services to meet your every need.

Medical Administration

It can be difficult to remember or take medication. We have a trained 24-hour staff ready to ensure every patron receives the correct dosage at the right time each day and night. They are also trained to give any kinds of shots, treatments, first-aid or other medical needs.


To create a serene and enjoyable environment, we ensure each patron lives in comfort and cleanliness. Our staff takes care of the shared areas throughout the facility, but they also tend to the cleaning needs in each private room. We regularly wash bedding, bathroom fixtures and more to ensure whatever tasks our patrons can’t perform will be done efficiently.


On top of cleaning the bedding and bath towels, we also provide laundry services for our patrons. If accidents or spills occur, our staff ensures the stains are taken care of and the patrons are always dressed in clean clothing.


We have trained chefs to provide nutritious meals for our patrons. We ensure everyone eats enough each day and enjoys their food. We naturally provide additional options for those with specific dietary needs.


Here at Longwood Plantation, we encourage an active and spirited lifestyle. We have regularly scheduled activities that keep our patrons moving and engaged. We receive activity requests from our patrons to ensure everyone can participate in something they can perform or enjoy. Again, we are here for you, if there’s something you’d like to try let us know.


We understand that some patrons prefer privacy while others crave friendship and interaction. We help to find that balance so every patron feels like they are part of a community, nothing like living in a hotel. Along with activities, interacting with other patrons and visitors, we also have a caring staff that strives to get to know their patrons and their past experiences.