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1687 Longwood Dr., Orangeburg, SC 29118

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A group of elder peoples
We are always interested in adding caring, empathetic and skilled professionals to our team. If you would like to work here at Longwood Plantation, please look over our current openings or call us at 803-268-9990 for a better understanding of the tasks, hours and pay. Currently, we have openings available for the following positions:

Medication Technician

Our staff provides around-the-clock administration of prescription medication and other medical needs. Our staff must have proper emergency training in case of accidents. This position requires specific training and certifications.

Personal Care Attendant

Personal care attendants are there for the residents. They primarily answer requests for housework, provide directions around the facility, basic personal hygiene and more.


This position requires all personnel to have required food handling permits, chef experience, but also a friendly personality and empathy for patients with all kinds of dietary needs or mental illnesses. It is important for our residents to have food they like, and fits their needs.

Home Care Sitter

If you have a flexible schedule, you could be tasked with taking care of our at-home patrons. We are looking for individuals that can take care of our patrons, work with their family caregivers, and provide an added level of friendship and interaction as needed. As a Home Care Sitter, you will serve the elderly and provide companionship for those who need it most.