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Ways to Improve Your Parents' Security by Moving Them Into Assisted Living


Although there are several advantages to having your parents live independently as they age, one potential downfall is that you might not feel confident about their security. Additionally, many senior citizens tend to be nervous about a variety of threats that can shake their confidence about living independently. If this is a concern to you, you might wish to think about relocating your parents to an assisted living home in your community. This new living environment carries a wide range of benefits, including helping both of you to feel more secure. Here are some reasons that you'll feel better.

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4 Signs Your Parent with Dementia Requires Assisted Living


Characterized by a loss of memory that affects a person's ability to think, behave, and even perform basic tasks, dementia can wreak havoc on the entire family's life. With an estimated 47 million people around the world living with dementia, one of your parents may develop this serious disease of the brain. Caring for your loved one will be essential to their basic health and safety, but providing full-time personal care may not be possible due to work restraints or other family obligations.

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Why Choose an Assisted Living Facility?


It’s not easy owning up to the notion that your parents or grandparents are not fully capable of taking care of themselves anymore. You realize that they are simply not safe at home alone. Yet, submitting them to a nursing home might seem slightly callous or too soon.

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